What we do

Societechy is the only marketing agency exclusively dedicated to B2B I.T. Channel Social Media marketing and sales. Add our experts to your team to bridge the culture gap between vendor, reseller and your target technical audience on Social Media.

Community management

Take your Social Media presence to the next level by putting experts in charge of your brand, territory and partner profiles. Societechy puts all of your networks and profiles into a single dashboard, one place to manage all of your analytics and publishing for streamlined reporting and centralised messaging. We engage your audience using social listening to find the relevant threads, comments and mentions and we grow your following by taking part in the community on your behalf in an authentic technical voice.

Content creation

Get noticed in the age of information overload by adding our internet-hardened creatives to your content team. Articles, Videos, Infographics and Memes, we make viral content that is laser targeted to the business tech Social Media user and that comes pre-tested on our own networks to guarantee virality. Work with us to create original content that acts on your customers at all the different stages of their buying cycle and use our Content Curation services to add relevant 3rd party content to further grow your credibility.

Lead generation

Turn your Social Media activity into tangible pipeline using our social Growth Hacking services with full CRM integration. We combine data, content and web process to build digital fishing nets to identify and engage your prospect customers. Societechy’s campaigns are tailored across the customer journey, using Social Media; we introduce you, we grow mindshare, we generate leads, we support you in the background as you close the deals and once closed, we maintain those customers as your ongoing audience.

Social advocacy and alias marketing

Activate your sales teams and partners as an engine for organic impressions, engagements, click-throughs and leads with Social Advocacy. We automate publishing to free up your employees and partners who don’t have time for Social Media and for everyone else we provide them with their own easy to use dashboard where they can choose, edit and schedule the content that you curate for them. For Alias Marketing, let us burn the shoe leather for you; we find the relevant key opinion leaders, we involve them and we give them a reason to talk about you with their followers.

Social media auditing and strategy

Book a free Social Media Audit for an immediate review of your Social Media presence and activity. We health check you against industry best practice, your competition and your own marketing aims to give you a free report of analysis and prognosis. Work with us to develop your Social Media Strategy in tandem with your digital marketing plan to activate Social Media as a place you are discovered, talked about and create pipeline.

Social media training and mentoring

Send one of your colleagues to become a Social Media virtuoso or ascend to mastery yourself using our bespoke Social Media Mentoring services for I.T. channel marketing individuals and teams. Our talented educators design the course to best fit your level and needs and as you learn our secrets you get hands on practice to cut your teeth on our networks. For sales leaders who want to turn their teams into social selling battalions and social advocates, our Social Training can be delivered to sales teams in person or remote and includes 1-1 support and guidance throughout.

Feature on “The Checksum” socialmedia platform

Liberate your messaging to reach your prospect customers with excitement and in the language they speak. The Checksum is an independent media platform custom-made for the technical user where you get sponsorship, editorial, events and advertising in our Sysadmin, Infosec and Devops sections. Support your product launches, commission technical comparisons and top 10 lists, interview tech opinion leaders about what you do, release specifications; The Checksum guarantees high traffic, high engagement, high click-through and form fill where all the leads go direct to you.