About us

Societechy is a global collective of business tech professionals who came together through a shared obsession for Social Media. We deeply respect the power of Social Media to speak the will of the users uncensored, one techy to another.

Take a step into the heart of the internet, turn the light on and we are sitting here looking right back at you; welcome to the Societechy offices. We all met on-line through our social presence and following in the I.T. channel and if you have never published a post that has gone viral, you are not sitting in this room. Brace yourself, the brain storming session is going to get wild, every single one of us knows how ingenious our audience is, the data speaks, only the best of the best ideas will be successful. Stick around and find out what it takes to turn out truly authentic content and action, the research, the testing and the detail in production to make the brilliant and the original.

When you eat, breathe and dream Social Media you can forget there is a physical you but each of us has a corporeal body working in the I.T. industry. As passionate hands on, as logged in, the Societechy team roll shoulder to shoulder with the audience we serve, that is our edge. When you work with us you see the results in tangible pipeline, so fasten the straps on your virtual chair, this will be exciting.